FAQ: Where To Hunt Whitetail Deer In Colorado?

Where are there whitetail deer in Colorado?

Mule Deer and White-tailed Deer. For deer hunters, Colorado is home to both mule and white-tailed deer. Mule deer are widely dispersed across the state. Whitetails are primarily found on Colorado’s Eastern Plains and in small populations on the Western Slope.

Can you hunt whitetail deer in Colorado?

Guided Whitetail Hunts in Colorado The eastern plains of Colorado have many areas that hold both whitetail and mule deer. The whitetail hunts can take on a completely different terrain. Whitetail deer can be found in the 140-150 class and on occasion we see bucks in the 160-180 class.

Are there white tail in Colorado?

There are two species of deer in Colorado; mule deer and whitetails. Whitetails are distinguished by their broad white-tails and graceful lope, with the flag-like tail held erect. Both species are about four- to six-feet long at maturity and are three feet or more at the shoulder.

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Where is the best hunting in Colorado?

With more than 23 million acres of public land, Colorado offers some of the best hunting in the country. But did you know, Norwood and the surrounding Wright’s Mesa offers some of the best big game hunting in the state?

What is the most common animal in Colorado?

Elk. Probably the most popular wildlife to see in Colorado, the Rocky Mountain Elk is part of the deer family that thrives in Colorado’s forests.

Which is bigger whitetail or mule deer?

While it’s hard to determine size and weight in the field, in Colorado, mule deer tend to be a bit bigger and weigh in a little heavier than white-tailed deer. The mule deer stands three to three and a half feet tall at the shoulder, with bucks weighing 125-250 pounds.

How much does it cost to hunt elk in Colorado?

For Colorado residents, elk tags do not include a small game hunting or fishing license. The cost for small game license is $50.37 and the cost is $30.11 for Bull Elk (Antlered), Either Sex Elk tags or for cow/calf (Antlerless). The cost for Resident Youth tag is $1.26 for small game and $15.68 for elk tags.

What can you hunt year round in Colorado?

Moose, black bear, deer, pronghorn, and Rocky Mountain elk are Colorado’s most popular hunts.

Can you buy over the counter mule deer tags in Colorado?

Over-the-counter hunting licenses can be purchased starting on July 25. The draw is the only way to buy mule deer licenses. It’s also a way to get bear, elk, whitetail deer and pronghorn licenses. Typically, there is far more demand than available licenses according to CPW.

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Does mule deer vs whitetail taste better?

I don’t discern much difference in taste between the two and feel a good mule deer is every bit as good eating as a whitetail. The only thing I have noticed is that in the rut, mule deer bucks seem to be gamier smelling than a whitetail buck and the meat can be stronger tasting when they are rutting hard.

Can mule deer breed with whitetail?

Whitetail bucks will breed with mule deer does, and the offspring usually retain the whitetail characteristics. Reverse mating — mule deer bucks to whitetail does — is rarer. So where the two species share a common range, the whitetail tends to dominate.

What is the difference between mule deer and whitetail?

Whitetail deer’s ears are still large but not as large as a mule deer’s. The most obvious difference between these two species is their tails. Mule deer have a white rump and a tail with a black tip at the end of it. Whitetail deer have a brown rump and only the underside of its tail is white.

Where is the best elk hunting in Colorado on public land?

Look to the Routt National Forest where you’ll find large elk numbers. The basic movement is from the higher to lower elevations in response to hunting pressure and elevation. With 48 percent of the land available to the public, hunters, over the past few years, have reported about an 18% success rate.

How many acres do you need to hunt in Colorado?

A deeded landowner must own a minimum of 160 contiguous acres to qualify.

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Where is the best mule deer hunting in Colorado?

GMU’s within Las Animas County and Pueblo County have the highest number of Boone and Crockett mule deer entries for the southeast region. Typically, those GMUs closest to the Arkansas River have better potential for trophy whitetail bucks and they provide good public land access.

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