Question: What Season Is It In Michigan For Whitetail Deer?

What are the dates for deer season in Michigan?

The early antlerless firearm season is Sept. 18-19, followed by the hunters with disabilities hunt Oct. 14-17. Archery season in Michigan begins Oct. 1 and goes through Nov. 14. Regular firearm season, the grandaddy of them all, is Nov. 15-30. Muzzleloading season will be Dec. 3-12 throughout Zones 1, 2 and 3. 4

When can you hunt whitetail deer in Michigan?

Bow season spans October 1 to November 14 and December 1 to January 1. Gun season is November 15-30. Muzzleloading varies depending on the zone, but opens on December 3. The late antlerless season is December 13 to January 1.

Can I use my buck tag for a doe in Michigan?

New 2020 Deer Regulations in Michigan Gives Hunters across the State more Opportunity. In the Lower Peninsula, hunters will be allowed to use any valid deer license or private land combination tag to take an antlerless deer during the early and late antlerless firearm seasons.

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How far do you have to be away from a house to hunt in Michigan?

No person may hunt with a firearm within 450 feet of an occupied building, dwelling, house, residence or cabin, or any barn or other building used in connection with a farm operation, without obtaining the written permission of the owner, renter or occupant of the property. The safety zone applies to hunting only.

Can you bait deer in Michigan in 2021?

LANSING — Several 2021 deer hunting season announcements were made by Michigan’s Department of Natural Resources this week. Baiting and feeding is banned in the entire Lower Peninsula and the Core CWD Surveillance Area in the Upper Peninsula.

Where is the best deer hunting in Michigan?

Ranking Michigan’s best 25 regions for deer hunting

  • Midland County.
  • Lenawee County.
  • Roscommon County.
  • Tuscola, Huron and Sanilac counties.
  • Kalamazoo and St.
  • Mecosta, Montcalm and Gratiot counties.
  • Ingham County.
  • Clinton County.

Do crossbows have to be in a case in Michigan?

Crossbows, slingshots, and bows and arrows must be enclosed in a case or unstrung or carried in the trunk of a vehicle.

What hunting is Michigan known for?

Firearm season for whitetail deer is the season hunters across the state look forward, however Michigan is among the leading states in the nation for upland bird hunting, particularly ruffed grouse and woodcock.

Do you have to have a hunting license to hunt on your own property in Michigan?

Unless the DNR change the law you can hunt on your own land for small game without a hunting license.

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Can you hunt on Sundays in Michigan?

The amendment broadly allows for hunting on Sundays with some exceptions, most relating to the proximity of a place of worship. Prior to 2003, Sunday hunting in Michigan was banned on private land in certain counties, but in 2003, all Sunday hunting closures were repealed.

Can you hunt on January 1st in Michigan?

1 through January 1, according to the 2020 Michigan Hunting Digest. The limit for each hunter is one kill per tag. Following the archery season, the regular firearm season will begin on November 15 and run through November 30. The muzzleloading season runs from December 4-13.

Is baiting deer legal in Michigan 2020?

Baiting deer is illegal in Michigan’s lower peninsula and parts of the UP. The DNR says it’s important for hunters to understand why this is the law: “There’s bait being sold all over the lower peninsula but to use that bait is against the law.

What is the penalty for baiting deer in Michigan?

Unlawful baiting is currently a misdemeanor offense subject to fines, up to 90 days in jail and the possible loss of a hunting license. Under Senate Bill 800, violators would be subject to a state civil fine of $1.

Is a salt block considered baiting?

Some salt/mineral licks are legal as well. Mineral blocks, including salt, are not considered bait. However, mineral blocks that contain grain or other food additives are prohibited. Mineral and salt blocks are not allowed on conservation areas.

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