Quick Answer: When Will Deer Eat Imperial Whitetail Clover?

What time of year do deer eat clover?

Perennial clover plots green up early in the spring (when deer need it most) and generally will produce well into the frost season. Our whitetails work clover plots all winter long and will dig through 8 to 12 inches of snow to get to it.

What is the best clover for deer food plots?

Arrowleaf Clover – Arrowleaf clover is a cool-season annual that is highly productive in fall and spring and a top-choice forage for whitetails. Though it’s an annual, arrowleaf clover is a heavy re-seeder – with the right management, you can get several seasons of production out of one planting.

What kind of clover do deer prefer?

Durana is an intermediate type clover that is tolerant of deer pressure and produces more seed and smaller leaves for turkey. Since it is a perennial, Durana will last for several years and will provide a highly digestible, high protein food plot for deer, turkey and many other types of wildlife.

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Will deer eat my clover?

Another benefit of clover is that, the deer and other animals love it as a lush green forage for all times of the year. Clover, being a perennial plant, simply grows back after a mowing or being browsed heavily by deer.

Does clover come back every year?

Annual clovers complete their life cycles within one year (i.e., plants emerge from seed, grow, produce seed, and die, all within a 12 month period). Annual clovers reproduce only from seed and not by vegetative propagation from roots or other plant structures.

Should I plant clover for deer?

Clovers provide essential nutrients, but also make an effective spring food plot for attracting whitetail deer in the early season. Many people plant clover plots, but few achieve the maximum potential lifespan of perennial forages.

Does white clover attract deer?

You can get clover at any farm or ag store, in red, white or crimson varieties, and all will attract deer. But if you’re planting specifically as a flood plot the specially designed cultivars from some of the major food plot companies will be even better.

How long does it take Imperial Whitetail clover to grow?

When clover seeds are planted correctly on prepared soils, they can sprout in two to three days in the summer. Also, clovers take less than a week to germinate and sprout when temperatures are around 59 degrees Fahrenheit.

What is the fastest growing clover?

Crimson prefers well-drained soils and pH between 5.0-6.5. Current varieties do not have good winter hardiness. It is the fastest growing of the annual clovers, easy to establish, and handles shade well – even the shade of other crops, like standing corn.

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Does deer like red clover?

Red clover is a high quality, productive and palatable cool-season forage for deer and other wildlife species including turkey and rabbit. USES: To attract and provide nutrition for deer, turkey and other wildlife. To furnish a high protein and energy food source for bucks and does up to 10 months annually.

When should I mow my clover plot?

Another general rule of thumb is to wait until plants are 8-12 inches tall, then mow them down to 4 or 5 inches. There are also some times and reasons not to mow. If your plot is mixed with small grains (oats, wheat, or rye), wait until after the grains mature and go to seed.

What is the best white clover for deer?

Gillium pointed out that White Dutch and Ladino are some of the best white clover for deer and both do very well as pure stands. However, he noted that some area managers mix different types of clover to get the full benefits of early Fall growth and forage production well into warmer weather.

What is the easiest food plot for deer?

Red clover is the Easiest Food Plot for Deer. Spread the seed and spray the grasses to act as a mulch for the clover, or spray in the fall and frost seed in late winter right on top of the snow. The freeze thaw patterns of spring creates cracks the seed falls into to germinate.

What can I plant for deer in wet ground?

If you’re dealing with soggy ground, Delano suggests looking to clover, a staple food source for deer and one of the most resilient crops in damp ground.

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What grows well with clover?

To establish a mixture, you can plant the seeds at the same time or drill the clover seed into an existing grass stand. Clovers are commonly planted with Kentucky bluegrass, Bermuda grass, bahia grass, orchard grass, Timothy, wheat and oats.

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