Quick Answer: Where Are Biggest Whitetail Deer In Minnesota Killed?

Where was the biggest buck shot in Minnesota?

Hunting in chilly temperatures on the second day of the park’s four-day season, the Fergus Falls hunter dropped a 12-point trophy buck with a heart shot at 40 yards. It ranks as the largest buck the 61-year-old sportsman has taken since he began hunting whitetails as a lad.

What is the biggest whitetail deer ever shot in Minnesota?

The Minnesota state archery records for whitetails are a typical that scored 197-6/8; and a nontypical that scored 227-3/8 inches on the Boone and Crockett scoring system. The biggest nontypical ever killed in Minnesota was a gun-kill that scored 268-5.8. That deer was killed in 1974.

What is the biggest deer killed in Minnesota?

According to the Minnesota Deer Hunters Association, the biggest non-typical whitetail on the Boone and Crocket books in Minnesota was shot with a firearm in 1974 in Norman County and measured 268 5/8 inches. Gould said the Red Willow Buck has 22 scoreable points and weighed 215 pounds field dressed.

Where was the biggest whitetail deer killed?

What’s more, the Brewster buck is also now the largest whitetail ever killed by a hunter anywhere in the world, topping Stephen Tucker’s 47-point Tennessee monarch, a Nov. 2016 buck that scored 312 0/8 inches.

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Does Minnesota have big deer?

Adult female white-tailed deer weigh about 145 pounds, and males weigh about 170 pounds. The biggest white-tailed deer recorded in Minnesota was a 500-pound buck. A whitetail’s home range is about 1 square mile. There are nearly 500,000 firearms deer hunters in Minnesota.

What is a monarch buck?

This buck is known as the Missouri Monarch. A mature Missouri buck that showcased some serious head gear that totaled up to a staggering 333 7/8 inches, making it the largest scored whitetail ever. The B&C world record was found by a hunter in St. Louis County, Missouri, back in 1981.

Where is the Missouri Monarch?

The Missouri Monarch The No. 1 non-typical whitetail in Boone & Crockett’s record books managed steer clear of hunters throughout its life. Instead, it was found dead by the side of a roadway near the Columbia Bottom Conservation Area outside of St. Louis, Missouri, in 1981.

Who killed the biggest buck in the world?

The story of the top whitetail ever shot is as great as the deer. When 15-year-old Tony Lovstuen pulled the trigger of his muzzleloader on the afternoon of Sept. 29, 2003, he ended the reign of a buck that already was world famous.

What state kills the most deer?

The states with the most antlered deer killed per square mile were Michigan, 3.7 per square mile; Pennsylvania, 3.6; South Carolina, 3.2; Maryland, 3.0; New Jersey, 2.6; New York, 2.6; and Wisconsin, 2.6.

What state has the biggest whitetail bucks?

Boone and Crockett’s Top Whitetail States

  • #1 – Wisconsin. Wisconsin is the #1 ranked state with 1,822 total entries and six counties in the top 20 U.S. counties with the most records produced.
  • #2 – Illinois.
  • #3 – Iowa.
  • #4 – Minnesota.
  • #5 – Ohio.
  • #6 – Kentucky.
  • #7 – Missouri.
  • #8 – Kansas.

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