Readers ask: .270 What Grain For Whitetail Deer?

What is the best grain for 270?

The. 270 Winchester caliber was conceived to propel bullets ranging between 120 and 160 grains in weight, but the best performances are achieved with bullet weights ranging between 130 and 150 grains..

Is a 270 good for whitetail deer?

270 Winchester round will drop a deer faster than you can yell, Big buck down! Since its 130-grain bullet travels north of 3,060 fps to produce 2,702 ft. -lb. of energy, many hunters use it for elk and mule deer, so it can certainly handle 150-pound whitetails, too.

What is the best grain for whitetail deer?

There is no beat weight of bullet for Whitetail deer. Type off bullet and shot placement, velocity of load, and distance of shot make The weight of the bullet matter. Having said that probably 150 grain Barnes X bullets would be my choice for most Whitetail situations I would hunt with a 30–06.

What is the most accurate 270 factory ammo?

Best accuracy and all-around performance in production rifles are generally obtained by using mid-weight bullet for the caliber. For the 270, that puts us in the 130 gr. range. For whitetail, a well-constructed soft point or polymer-tipped, jacketed bullet is normally best.

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What is the heaviest grain bullet for a 270?

Nearly all rifles chambered for 270 caliber are fitted with 1:10” twist barrels. This relatively slow twist limits the length, weight and BC of bullets that can be stabilized. Typically, the heaviest 270 bullets are around 150 grains because that is all that can be stabilized in a 1:10” twist.

Is a 270 more powerful than a 308?

270 Winchester have a higher ballistic coefficient than the larger diameter bullets of the same weight from the. 308 Winchester. However, the. 308 Winchester can use heavier bullets than.

Is.270 too big for deer?

270 Winchester one of the most popular big-game hunting cartridges of all time. He cemented its merit far and wide by using it to stack up big-game animals around the globe—including untold numbers of North American deer. For hunters who exclusively pursue deer, the. 270 Winchester is tough to beat.

Is a.270 big enough for elk?

270 Winchester will kill an elk with a perfect broadside shot.

What caliber has killed the most deer?

30-06 is America’s—and the world’s—most popular hunting caliber. In my estimation it would not take many 1-million deer years to top any numbers the 30-30 put up during much leaner times.

What grain bullet should I use for deer?

A 130-grain. 308 X-Bullet starts out faster, and on whitetails typically carries at least 95 percent of its weight all the way to the end.

Is 270 win a good long range round?

270, but the latter is still one of the very best long-range hunting cartridges. The. 270 Winchester stays supersonic out to 1,400 yards, which is more than what 99 percent of hunters will ever need.

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Is a 270 good for moose?

270 Winchester and it’s worthiness as a moose killer. There is no doubt that it can kill moose very dead and is a very popular rifle chambering for all sorts of game. 270 Winchester has ballistics ideal for open-country hunting, flat shooting, long range, and accurate.

Is a 270 good for coyote hunting?

A. 270 is pretty much the top end of what you want to be slinging at ‘yotes. You want to be able to hit the animal in a place that won’t damage too much of the pelt, if you intend to sell the fur. So you want to be sure the rifle you take is the one you are most accurate with.

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